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A clean blog with every photo telling its tale is what we all strive for. We aim for simplicity, but sometimes we want to change the mood of a single post or series of posts by using a different photo layout. We can do this by arranging our photos differently in Photoshop. This is a good solution, but the process of arranging a new layout can take a lot of time. Rather than create a custom post layout in Photoshop for every post, we can save time by using customizable, pre-made photo templates, labels & tags, and background textures.

The Blog Bling Kit
The Pugly Pixel Blog Bling Kit contains the resources and blog accessories you need to do this! You'll get customizable pre-made layouts, backgrounds, labels, and pretty clip art. All these resources would normally cost over $100 when purchased individually À la Carte. But you can buy them all as part of the Blog Bling Kit for only $25 -- that's over a 70% discount off the regular price.

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Please Note:
Due to the nature of digital products, there are no refunds or exchanges.

What's in the Blog Bling Kit?
Lots of good stuff -- scroll down to read more!

#1: Genuine Glitter Textures

A little glitter now and then is good for your karma. And your visitors will sense the twinkle in your eye when this glitter catches theirs. Six gold textures and 16 multicolored beauties, one for every occasion.
  • 6 gold glitter
  • 16 multi-colored glitter
  • file type: JPGs
  • download size: 51 MB

#2: Blog Photo Templates (Part 2)

A drop shadow for one, a colored border for another. Square and rectangular templates with optional drop shadows, customizable borders, and captions.

NOTE: These use clipping masks.
  • 9 layout templates
  • file type: PSD
  • download size: 1.2MB

#3: Blog Photo Templates (Part 3)

This package is sourced from a family scrapbook. There are 10 PSD photo templates, a dozen photo corners, and two large album sheets -- everything you need to go back to another era.

NOTE: These use clipping masks.
  • 10 vintage layout templates
  • 12 photo corners
  • 2 vintage photo album sheets
  • file type: PSD, PNG
  • sizes: 25, 28, 27, 28, 29 MB

#4: Velvet Strips & Corners

Soft, lush, plush and easy on the eyes. Sometimes, you have to ditch straight lines and sharp corners and just be... soft. These velvet strips and corners say stop and rest your eyes on these for a moment. 19 eye-catching strips and nine corners.
  • 19 velvet strips
  • 9 velvet corners
  • file type: PNG
  • download sizes: 12MB, 40MB

#5: Velvet Bows & Ribbons

A winding path from here to there, a ribbon of velvet with a bow to say softly, "hello". These are for those times when a soft touch says it best. 24 visually plush velvet bows and ribbons to carry you on your way.
  • 24 bows
  • 17 ribbons
  • file type: PNG
  • download size: 37MB

#6: Blog Labels & Tags (Part 2)

A dozen donuts, a dozen roses, but hey -- how about dozens and dozens of labels, relaxed and transparent, making your point with a smile.
  • Dozens of labels!
  • file type: PNG
  • download size: 4MB

#7: Colorful Ric Rac

The shortest distance between two points? We say ric rac! When you're feeling that a bit of whimsy would would make your point, you can draw the line -- a wavy line -- with colorful ric rac. 12 colorful hi-res images -- really wide at 1900 pixels -- for drawing wavy lines from here to there.
  • 12 ric rac ribbons
  • quality: hi-res (1900x90 px/ribbon)
  • file type: PNG
  • download size: 5.2MB

#8: Japanese Cabochons

A dove, a floral wreath, roses white and red, each a miniature marvel carved in resin and ready a touch of Japanese style. Ten gorgeous cabochons.
  • 11 vintage Japanese cabochons
  • file type: PNG
  • download size: 8MB

#9: Sequin Clusters

Sometimes it just gets too quiet and that's when you want to shake things up with a shot of razzle dazzle. And what better way to sparkle than to scatter a few shiny sequins? Sequin clusters, a touch here, a pinch there in the nick of time. 13 glittering sequin clusters can be combined in a thousand ways.
  • 9 sequin clusters
  • file type: PNG
  • download size: 16MB

#10: Blog Photo Templates (Part 6)

Prioritize, organize, and deliver. When you're in the flow and your images are streaming out of your camera, you can piece it all together in time for your afternoon coffee with these 14 vintage-inspired and modern photo templates: vintage and bordered with optional drop shadows, or the clean, clean, clean modern style.

NOTE: These use clipping masks.
  • 7 vintage-style layout templates
  • 7 modern-style layout templates
  • file type: PSD
  • download size: 315 KB

#11: Stationery Textures

When everything is finally in place, you take a deep breath, sigh, and realize, where's the background? Fortunately, you have your stationery textures at hand. Will it be hearts, diagonals, polka dots? You are the master of your design and you choose -- pink hearts. 54 dotted, striped, diagonal, and grid backgrounds for every need.
  • 54 stationery textures
  • dimensions: 800x800 px
  • file type: PSD, PNG
  • download size: 23MB

#12: Vintage Handkerchiefs

You might have seen these at your Grandmother's house... lovely embroidered handkerchiefs, from humble daisies to elaborate scenes of exotic foreign places. Who knows, one of these vintage charmers may have dabbed away a tear or two in 1922.
  • 15 vintage hankies
  • file type: PNG
  • sizes: 38, 37, 38, 43, 38 MB

#13: Blog Photo Template (Part 1)

Got some great shots? Lots of them? Get them organized and online in a jiffy with these photo templates with square or rounded corners to suit your mood.

NOTE: These use clipping masks.
  • 24 layout templates
  • file type: PSD
  • download size: 445 KB
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Please Note
1. Due to the nature of digital products, there are no refunds.
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